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Structural engineering - Bridges, Tunnels and Marine structures

Leading in infrastructure consultancy
Today, COWI draws on its more than 80 years of experience to remain one of the world’s leading infrastructure consultancy companies.

In recent years we have been part of the design and operation and maintenance of some of the world’s largest offshore wind farms, deepest immersed tunnels, longest bridges and most complex marine structures.

Poised for the future
As we look towards tomorrow, that trend will continue. COWI is already taking part in the design of the world’s longest suspension bridge, the Messina Strait Bridge. We undertake the design for the challenging Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao immersed tunnel and for some of the largest offshore wind farms in the world. Our operation and maintenance activities increase, and COWI is poised to remain one of the world's leaders in the field.

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Lars Hauge
Regional Vice President,
Bridge, Tunnel and Marine Structures
Tel: +45 5640 2881

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Bridge, Tunnel and Marine Structures