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Aarhus North, Denmark 
 Photo: COWI.
Reliable energy supply and development through energy planning and design of heating, cooling and power are some of COWI’s key services.

Modern life depends on a reliable energy supply, and a transformation towards a sustainable energy supply has begun. COWI specialises in energy concepts and implementation that meet this requirement, and we focus on the need for energy savings and optimisation.

COWI is leading within the following activities:

Energy planning and master planningCOWI has a wide experience in making energy master plans on national, regional, city and project level. Long-term planning of energy infrastructure is essential for moving towards a CO2-neutral energy supply.

Energy productionCOWI plans and designs biomass, waste-to-energy and other fuelled plants that produce electricity, heating and cooling. COWI is specialised in utilising the surplus heat from power production - combining heat and power. COWI is leading in energy production based on any renewable fuel.

Distribution of heating and coolingUsing district heating or cooling can reduce the energy consumption by 20-30 % compared to conventional decentralised systems. COWI provides world-class hydraulic real-time simulation for optimal design and operation of the networks.

Distribution of power in smart gridsPlanning of the future smart grids net requires profound knowledge of the heating, cooling and power sector. As combining planning and technical design is a COWI trade mark, we are ready to design the future smart grids around the world.

Energy efficiency
COWI is working with energy efficiency in buildings to combine a high level of com-fort with the lowest possible use of energy and highest supply of local renewable energy sources.

LAST UPDATED: 05.12.2017