Enterprise risk management

Photo: Ulrik Jantzen
COWI provides a level of consultancy on enterprise risk management (ERM) that matches customers’ ambitions. Experience shows there are gains to be made.

Many public sector organisations and private companies are using targeted risk management. An increasing number have found that there are significant gains to be made by working systematically with enterprise risk management based on a commercially oriented overview of risks and opportunities in the short and long terms.

COWI assists customers throughout the entire enterprise risk management process to allow for the creation of a proactive plan that deals with the biggest problems first and where resources are best applied

Tailored consultancy


We help customers to gain an overview and create a sense of internal ownership by making use of the customer's own knowledge of its risks and opportunities, and to find solutions that respect existing processes that work.

COWI’s enterprise risk management concept is modular and ensures the that process is effective and tailored to the situation. Typically, we make use of our own organically developed enterprise risk management methods and tools.

Benefits outweigh costs

Enterprise risk management carries a range of advantages:

  • Reduces losses and optimises control measures and other processes
  • Supports strategy and action plans
  • Establishes decision-making and management tools across business areas
  • Defines common terminology and methods; placing greater awareness on risks and opportunities
  • Lays strong foundation for reporting.

Thematic approachOur approach to enterprise risk management can also be applied projects that are more thematic in their approach, such as:

  • Identifying whether a manufacturer’s water resources are sufficient to meet future needs
  • Identifying whether the supply of highly qualified employees will meet employer needs
  • Determining whether resources are best applied in order to meet CSR goals.

LAST UPDATED: 05.02.2016