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Sustainable and green buildings

Photo: COWI

Nanjing Lighthouse in China serves as an exhibition centre for sustainability and urban planning.

COWI designs sustainable and green buildings based on the idea that houses should have a positive impact on the users and the outside world.

Sustainable building in COWI covers both buildings with low energy consumption and buildings that promote sustainable behavior and a healthy environment.

COWI has broad experience with sustainable building projects. In our projects, we use state-of-the-art methods and concepts such as cradle to cradle, life-cycle cost, life cycle analysis, carbon footprint and green building certification schemes such as LEED, BREEAM and DGNB.

Our approach to sustainability is agile, flexible and dynamic and in line with our client's current CSR goals and targets, covering a full range of economic, environmental, and social performance criteria - with UN Sustainability Development Goals in mind.

Holistic, cross-disciplinary approach

To ensure that we meet the specific goals for sustainability throughout all phases of our projects, we rely upon a multi-disciplinary and collaborative team, whose members make decisions together based on a shared vision and a holistic understanding of the projects.

This vision and understanding of the projects follows the design through the entire project life, from the initial phase through the design and construction phases to the hand-over of a finished, fully functional, and well-commissioned building, ready for occupancy and facility management.

Our involvement does not end when construction is complete and the facilities are in use. Our design seeks to enhance the entire life of the building through effective maintenance and operation, measurement and verification, commissioning, and building performance evaluation. 

LAST UPDATED: 23.11.2017