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Hospitals and health care

Photo: Photo: The architect team for Østfold Hospital

​Østfold Hospital in Norway

COWI's consultancy services for hospitals and healthcare buildings create a framework for the care and comfort of patients and relatives, ensuring the staff the best possible work environment.

The planning and implementation in connection with building hospitals and health care buildings involve more than time schedules, finances and building processes.

New build projects
COWI combines an understanding of the needs of the patients, their families and the staff with extensive expertise within medical engineering, technical installations, IT and flexible building solutions.

The client benefits from our extensive experience with cost management and model calculations. We can also provide operational consultancy to hospitals, including new public and private forms of financing and collaboration.

RefurbishmentIn connection with extension or refurbishment projects, the infrastructure and logistics of the new building often do not match the old building layout.

COWI's consultancy offers flexible and innovative solutions when it comes to optimizing the hospital's work processes and adapting the technical installations to the new building layout. At the same time we focus on a good dialogue with the users and authorities.

Flexibility and sustainability It is crucial that refurbishment and updates take place without interfering with the operation of the building.

Flexible buildings can often reduce or eliminate the need for extensive and costly rebuild.

LAST UPDATED: 29.08.2017