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COWI offers the complete range of services for marinas whether we create a new marina or extend or refurbish an existing one. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure a smooth integration of ideas and expertise, resulting in the development of economical and innovative designs that utilise available plant and materials to suit the specific conditions.

With a full set of world-class competencies within marine and coastal engineering combined with local presence and experience, we are ready to take on the most complex projects any-where in the world – no matter how large or small.

Master planning

The field of master planning and urban marina design requires a wide range of knowledge to suit local conditions and visions. There is an interdependence of urban systems and communities as well as global issues that create the social infrastructure of integrated urbanism, and only truly multi-disciplinary consultants like COWI can successfully deliver solutions in this environment.


Understanding the environment in which the project is to be constructed is crucial. COWI manages all design requirements through programming, planning, supervising and postprocessing of surveys and investigations in wind, wave, current, geotechnical engineering, geophysics and bathymetric and topographic surveys.


COWI offers complete marina and waterfront design services and whether we create a new marina or extend or refurbish an existing one, we will create unique marina design solutions. Working globally, COWI is
conversant with all relevant standards, international codes of practice and conventions.

Utilities and services

Boat owners expect to find supporting services provided at their berth. COWI designs utilities and services, whether under-ground, suspended, or contained within ducts for maximum protection from the elements, water and mechanical damage and consider their accessibility for repairs and maintenance.

Construction management and supervision

COWI has a long track record in construction management and supervision throughout the world. This overall planning, co-ordination and control of the physical execution of a project from its
beginning to final completion will achieve the client's vision and requirements to produce a functional and financially viable project.

LAST UPDATED: 27.02.2017