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Career paths

Photo: Nicky Bonne

​​COWI’s career system is divided into four different job families, each of which represents a vital area of our business. Each position has a specific job description.

You can have a career in one of the job families, or you can move between the families. Some employees even have positions in more than one family at a time. They are typically people who serve as project manager on one project and as a specialist on another.

The manager

Line management is primarily concerned with leading people, making business decisions and managing resources.

This career path starts at Head of Section and extends all the way to Chief Executive Officer.


The project manager

The project management family includes a number of positions that appear to have a similar job description. However, each involves a different level of complexity and business impact.

Project management is primarily about ensuring quality and profitability of individual projects and building relations with customers.

Meet Leona Smith, Project Co-ordinator, North America.


The specialist

COWI looks to hire the brightest individuals in their field. Just as with the line-management and project-management lines, there are different types of specialist positions.

Professionals and specialists are primarily involved with developing state-of-the-art solutions, and they are constantly working to improve our production processes.

Meet Sumana Biswas, Specialist, India.


The account manager

Providing a solution that creates value for our customers is essential for COWI’s success. The optimal way to do this is to involve customers and stakeholders, but doing it well rests on the quality of our relationship with them.

Choose a career path in business development and you will primarily be involved with strengthening market positions, building customer relations and developing COWI’s services to match the market.

Meet Laila Stub, Market Director, Denmark.


LAST UPDATED: 08.05.2017