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International workplace

Photo: Niclas Jessen


​When you work for COWI, the world is your office. You will have more than 6,600 dedicated colleagues in more than 88 offices in over 25 countries. You will have a strong local base but you must be prepared to travel abroad if needed.

COWI is a firm believer in taking a 360° approach to projects. We aim to bring our multidisciplinary and cross-border knowledge to the table and come up with world-class solutions that benefit our customers.

As a new employee, you will soon learn that working at COWI often means teaming up with specialists from other fields and other countries.

Along the way, you will get plenty of opportunities to contribute to the outcome and add value to our customers’ projects.

Committed to society

The 360° approach at COWI is truly unique and something we are very proud of. It is more than a way to work. It is also a mindset.

We put our customers’ interests first, but we are also driven to do our best on every job and to secure our earnings. Our focus is always on creating value for our customers and the societies in which we work.

We strive to be the best at what we do and we always put our knowledge to the test. We create value by combining world-class services with strong ties to our local market.

You might say that when designing a building, we see the whole city.

LAST UPDATED: 08.05.2017