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Meet David Knight, Structural Engineer, United Kingdom

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​I have access to very knowledgeable people who can help me get better at my job.

​I work as a project manager on small projects in COWI’s UK business. Before I got this job, I worked in Hong Kong. I was looking to work somewhere back in Europe and COWI was very high on my list of potential employers because of its reputation as a place where bridge engineering and design are carried out at a very high level.

The company’s reputation is what makes it stand out. Working for a company that has an international reputation as one of the best at what it does is a real plus. The attitude to its staff also makes this an extremely attractive workplace. Employees are truly appreciated as the main resource and asset.

The environment at COWI is very good and supportive. I have great support in the form of training and access to very knowledgeable people who can help me get better at my job. You can easily find an expert and ask for help if you need it. This both helps me to learn and to successfully complete my projects.

It is challenging to work here. I am always engaged in a range of projects, which is exciting. I get pushed to work harder and accept a lot of responsibility, which helps me learn much more quickly. I have to take personal responsibility for what happens and that responsibility also pushes me to learn very quickly how to be a project manager and how to take a project from a very early stage all the way to completion.

The feel here is very international. I am involved in projects all around the world and have teamed up with colleagues from both Denmark and Vancouver. Right now, I am working on a project in Copenhagen, which means that I have been travelling to Denmark quite regularly. This international scope is very inspirational.

What excites me most about my job is creating things. I am in engineering because I like making things happen and try to make the world a better place through what I create. Being somewhere that allows that to happen through challenging and exciting projects is great. I get to design bridges, which is what I have wanted to do since I was a young boy, so this is truly an ideal place for me to work.



Senior Structural Engineer

Joined COWI


Educational background

David Knight is a structural engineer by background and training. David graduated from Cambridge University in 2007. He is a chartered engineer registered with The Institution of Structural Engineers.

LAST UPDATED: 08.05.2017