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Meet Laila Stub, Market Director, Denmark

Photo: COWI


​It doesn’t matter what question you ask, someone will almost always know the answer.

I work with project management consultancy in COWI’s Buildings Department. I am responsible for some of our biggest clients in the Danish pension and insurance market. When I meet people and they see my title, they expect me to have a commercial background. To their surprise, I don’t.

I am actually an engineer, which is a bit untraditional but at the same time it only makes me better at what I do, since I understand the engineering world on a different level than a commercially educated person would.

What I really like about working here at COWI is that things are constantly changing. The company keeps growing and instead of being a traditional engineering company, we have grown to be so much more. Also, the COWI name and our strength have truly been established internationally.

If you actively pursue your dream, you have every opportunity to fulfil it here. I have been involved in the process of strengthening and developing our customer angle by being part of different networks inside the company, and I really like being able to watch my own field of work grow.

COWI employs a broad range of people with all sorts of different backgrounds and competencies. It doesn’t really matter what question you ask, someone will almost always know the answer. I really like that

I am able to say to our customers that we can help them solve all different kinds of challenges because of this diversity. In connection with a project that I am involved in for Microsoft, they asked if we had someone who could clarify what value locating a new large company building in the city would have for the local government. And I could easily find someone who could calculate what the precise value would be, which I think is very fascinating.

If we compare ourselves to some of our competitors, I would say that COWI stands out because of our way of understanding our customers. Our world-class competencies are one thing, but understanding our customers’ needs is just as important. And this is something we are constantly improving.

What I find most exciting about my job is that I can see that what we deliver to our customers actually creates value for them. The trust our customers place in us and the fact that they keep coming back proves that what we do is relevant to them.



Market Director

Joined COWI


Educational background

Laila Stub studied engineering and began as an engineer in COWI’s Environment Department. Today, Laila works as a consultant and key account manager in the Building Department.

LAST UPDATED: 08.05.2017