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Putting our knowledge to work

Photo: Niclas Jessen


How we work together

At COWI, we believe strong players need strong teams. As individuals, COWI employees are highly skilled. Together, we are highly successful. That is why we work in teams to create solutions that make a difference. We find that the best way to approach a project is to work with dedicated, curious and skilled colleagues.

Our mindset

At COWI, every day is an opportunity to make the most of what you know. Together, we create 360° solutions for our customers and society by combining the world-class knowledge of all our employees.

We take all aspects of a project into consideration and we can solve even the most challenging problems. We make a difference because of our knowledge, experiences and ability to develop innovative and long-term projects.

Our motivation

From North America and Tanzania to China and Scandinavia, COWI has turned challenges into beneficial solutions. At COWI, we challenge ourselves.

We pride ourselves on using specialised knowledge to benefit the world around us. If you dream of taking part in important, world-class projects, then COWI is the place for you.

Leadership philosophy

Our most important asset is our employees. At COWI, we appreciate and protect our assets by continuing to invest in human resources and employee training.

We believe in always doing the best we can. As an employee, you will be an expert in your particular field. That is why we help you to live up to your full potential by providing you with the knowledge, skills and resources to get you there. In return, we expect you to deliver results, reach your goals and always work to come up with ways to take our customers to the next level. ​

LAST UPDATED: 08.05.2017