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Why work for COWI in Sweden?

Photo: Olaf Johannson

​COWI offers a workplace to thrive in – with a vibrant and challenging career where you can develop both personally and professionally. Here large projects are combined with a balanced everyday situation, in a culture where all career paths are equally valued.

We give you:

  • Interesting projects
  • Joint ownership
  • COWI Academy
  • Career development
  • Development plan
  • International work opportunities
  • Balance in life

Interesting projects

In our projects, we always aim to renew and stretch limitations in technology. We also offer varying interesting duties. At COWI we create coherent 360 degree solutions for our customers and thus promote sustainable and coherent societies all over the world. Our customised project teams are staffed by competent consultants – from those with extensive experience to ambitious new graduates.

Joint ownership

COWI is a foundation and employee-owned, which means we take a long-term approach, and our employees can benefit from COWI’s results. The majority of COWI is owned by the COWIfonden foundation. The proceeds are used for research and development projects. All employees are offered the possibility to become a joint owner.

COWI Academy

COWI Academy is our own training academy that aims to help employees along their career path and development. New hires are offered introduction courses based on our values to help guide them into the COWI world. We offer specialised courses from project management, leadership and business sense to presentation techniques.

Career development

Everyone can make a career at COWI; it is a matter of being goal-oriented and having the right technical and personal qualifications and the qualities needed to generate business. Development at work is important, and we offer four different career paths. You can work as a specialist, project manager, business developer or evolve in a leadership role. We want you to have the same career opportunities regardless of what your job is.

The career paths have several levels, and it is possible to change tracks while working at COWI.

Development plan

The employee and manager jointly produce a plan for the employee’s development and future performance. This allows us to link the employee’s short-term and long-term goals with those of the company. These discussions take place once a year, and are called PDP discussions (Performance and Development Plan).

International work opportunities

COWI has offices all over the world, and there are good opportunities to work outside of Sweden. Our customers are found all across the globe, which means that a large portion of our operations concerns international assignments.

Balance in life

We believe that our consultants perform best when they are allowed to work with areas that interest them and when they are able to balance work with the rest of their life. We are a flexible employer that respects our employees’ time away from work. Regardless of our employees’ personal situation, they are given the opportunity to create balance between work and their personal life.

LAST UPDATED: 06.12.2017