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Photo: Ali Zoeb

It is important for us that you get a good start at COWI. Before your first day on the job, we will draw up an on-boarding programme specifically for you.

Over the following months, the programme will serve as your introduction to the way COWI works, and it will allow you to expand your personal and professional networks.

Your COWI on-boarding will generally cover the following areas:

  • During your first week, you will be shown around the department, be introduced to your new colleagues and be briefed about your responsibilities and your business area.
  • During your first months, you will be given a thorough introduction to the projects and clients in your business area. You will also be introduced to COWI’s principles, our company strategy and our various internal work processes.
  • After a certain time period, you and your manager will review how things have gone, how your performance has been and address any questions you may have about your new position or the company.

In order to ease your on-boarding, we have gathered all relevant information in an online on-boarding magazine, for which you will receive a link by email during your first day with us.

The magazine provides information about how to register work hours, how to enrol in training courses, how we work on projects, our strategy and much more.

In some countries, the magazine will be supplemented by additional on-boarding documents.

Meet some of your potential future colleagues here.

LAST UPDATED: 08.05.2017