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Photo: Ulrik Jantzen og Morten Larsen
COWI is experimenting with social media in the company's web communication. This is the first blog and more are on the way.

Sustainable concrete blog

This blog is about green concrete, sustainability, life cycle analysis (LCA) and innovations. The topics are seen through the eyes of a concrete materials expert and a climate and sustainability specialist. 

The blog has its origin in COWI’s Concrete and Climate group. 

For over two years, concrete specialists have tried to establish a common language across disciplines with environmental, sociology and economic specialists.

Kirsten Eriksen

Kirsten Eriksen is the concrete materials expert behind the blog.

Kirsten has been working with COWI for several years as a specialist in concrete technology, including materials investigations and specifications for bridges and tunnels to airports and pavements in several countries.

One of her special interests covers climate-friendly concrete solutions which use alternative or supplementary cementitious binders including pozzolans/volcanic ashes.

Rune Klitgaard

Rune Klitgaard is a specialist in climate and sustainability with a focus on carbon footprint from concrete and building materials. He has an interest in taking care of our surroundings through reduction of carbon footprint from production and general behaviour to improve life quality.

Rune writes about possible new ways of reducing CO2 and other environmental aspects related to the production of concrete and constructions of buildings.

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LAST UPDATED: 21.04.2017