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Africa's longest suspension bridge under COWI supervision

Photo: COWI

​The Mozambique government has engaged COWI as technical advisor on the largest infrastructure project in the country since its independence in 1975. It comprises the longest suspension bridge in Africa and a
109-kilometer connecting road system.

​When finished in 2017, the steel bridge will be the longest suspension bridge in Africa with a span of 680 meters, and it will be the first part of a 109-kilometer road that will connect the capital Maputo to the South African border. COWI is hired to assist the Mozambique authorities in ensuring that all deliverables meet international standards.

Massive boost to the area

The project will facilitate uninterrupted travel for commuters and is expected to cut travel time considerably. Today, it takes up to six hours to travel the rough roads by 4x4. Maputo Bay is currently linked by an aging fleet of ferries with no life jackets or other security features. The crossing time is everything from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the number of passengers.

When completed, the new connection will generate many local jobs as well as more tourism and trade. The population of the Katembe area between Maputo and South Africa is also expected to grow from 20,000 to 400,000 over the next two to three decades, thanks to the improved infrastructure.

A prestigious African project

With an estimated cost of just over EUR 670 million, the bridge and the new road system is the largest infrastructure project in the country since its independence in 1975. The project is financed by the Export-Import Bank of China and the Mozambique government and carried out by China Road and Bridge Corporation.

“We are very proud to have signed the contract. COWI has a long history of assisting on infrastructure projects in Africa and this adds to our legacy on the continent. Without a doubt, the Katembe Bridge is a highly prestigious project not only in Mozambique, but in Africa as a whole,” says Senior Vice President at COWI, Henrik Andersen.

COWI’s office in Mozambique, one of several COWI offices in Africa, has been key to landing the contract.

“We see Africa as an important part of our market and with the growing need for infrastructure, we expect to win more bridge and highway projects in the region in the coming years,” says Andersen.

Published 16.12.2015

LAST UPDATED: 04.11.2017