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COWI engineer awarded prestigious position in international technical association

Photo: COWI

​October 20 2015, Tina Vejrum, Vice President in COWI was officially appointed as a member in International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering's (IABSE) executive committee. The new title comes with exciting assignments regarding the implementation of the association's newly developed strategy.

​Years of dedicated, voluntarily work was rewarded, when Tina Vejrum, Vice President in Major Bridges International, was appointed the honourable title as a member of IABSE's executive committee. Proud to follow in the footsteps of several prominent COWI top engineers, Tina Vejrum will continue a strong COWI tradition of being a leading member in a highly acknowledged academic association. This will not only benefit colleagues and customers of COWI, it will also contribute to highlight the importance of structural engineering and ensure COWI's position as a frontrunner participating and sharing the newest knowledge and technologies. 

Regional Vice President in COWI's business unit Bridge, Tunnel and Marine Structures is one of the COWI leaders with a previous position in IABSE. "It is in our DNA to be in front of technical excellence, development and innovation. I am proud to see Tina Vejrum take place in the executive committee and become an even stronger active part in increasing knowledge and interest in our profession as structural engineers," says Lars Hauge.

Experienced committee

IABSE executive committee consists of 10-12 people. They governs the association to operate accordingly to aims and means, and represents the interest on the behalf of IABSE's other members. To be candidate for the executive committee requires a recommendation by other members,  several years membership of IABSE and contributions of valuable work in IABSE. Tina Vejrum joined IABSE as a member back in 1997 and has among other things been highly involved in the 2011-2023 strategy and the recent conference in Geneva.

"I enjoyed working being active member of the strategy development and I am very content that as a member of the executive committee I will also take part in implementing it", states Tina Vejrum.

One of the major areas in the strategy, which is being emphasised highly, is to involve young talents."The young engineers have many valuable and innovative arguments, which will help IABSE to have an ear on the ground on latest developments and idea in our field. This is a great tool to develop IABSE and continue to attract the brightest people in our industry", Tina explains.

Facts about IABSE

The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) is a scientific / technical Association comprising members in 100 countries and counting 48 National Groups worldwide. Founded in 1929 it has its seat in Zurich, Switzerland. The President of IABSE (2013-2016) is David A. Nethercot, UK.

With 3200 members from all over the world, IABSE is one of the largest organisations in this field.  Every year, IABSE enlist 300-400 new members, who primarily are structural engineers, which contribute to the knowledge network, IABSE has become. The association has experienced an increase in memberships from contractors and entrepreneurs, which creates a unique option for COWI to get in contact with possible clients and/or partners. The aim of the international network is to exchange knowledge and, thereby, develop the structural engineering practise in the service of the profession and society.

COWI's history in IABSE

​COWI's and IABSE's history goes back to 1960 where co-founder of COWIfonden, Aksel G. Frandsen, joined the association. He significantly contributed to IABSE as chair of the Danish group and co-chair of the Scientific Committee for the Copenhagen congress. In 1996, Frandsen became the first Danish Honorary Member of IABSE.

Former CEO in COWI, Klaus H. Ostenfeld,  joined IABSE in 1978 and was in 1997 appointed presidency of IABSE and from 1997-2001 he headed the association with the purpose to make IABSE and structural engineering more visible to society, to communicate better with the world and demonstrate all positive contributions of structural engineering for improving the daily life of communities around the globe. Today, COWI plays a big part in the transformation IABSE towards becoming a professionally network, which provides technical knowledge and innovative discussion at the highest level.

Former RVP of BTM Anton Pedersen and present RVP of BTM, Lars Hauge, have both been active in IABSE and members of the board of the Danish branch of the organisation.

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