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COWI gives long life in Qatar

Photo: COWI

​Architects' view of the completed Lusail Plaza

The COWI concrete and durability group has been awarded an important contract covering durability design and support to the contractor throughout the construction of the large LUSAIL CP7 car park, light rail and tunnel in Qatar’s capital Doha. Their innovative design enables them to provide an unusual 120 years design life.

​The Lusail Plaza CP7 project consists of a large network of underground structures sitting at the heart of the Lusail development. The new urban area includes a light rail transit station, a two-level road tunnel, and a multi-level car park and covers an area of 150 thousand m2. The project, which is located just north of the Doha Metro Red Line North Underground, is part of the large Lusail development that will ultimately house four hundred thousand people and be at the heart of the 2022 World Cup.

120 years design life 

The underground structures require over 1 Million cubic meters of concrete to be poured. It is subject to severe exposure conditions, with the salinity of the groundwater being several time that of seawater and containing high concentrations of sulphate.

The client requires a service life of 120 years. In order to meet this, COWI will use the newest and most innovative durability design solution as this is able to predict and verify the concrete structures' service life.

Our client is the Saudi Arabian contractor Saudi Binladin Group and the assignment has arisen from ongoing collaboration for the durability design and concrete assistance undertaken on the Doha Metro Green Line, in which they partner with the Austrian contractor PORR. This assignment builds on a series of ongoing durability assignments in Doha, including the Abu Hamour tunnel, the Doha Metro, Red Line North underground, Red Line South elevated, Green Line Underground, Green Line elevated and three of the IDRIS sewerage contracts.

World leading team

COWI’s durability design team, led by Carola Edvardsen, draws on a long history of projects in the Middle East and being part of the major international developments in service life design such as the EU Duracrete project and in the preparation of the International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib) guidance and the Eurocode developments. Seven out of eight team members of the COWI concrete hold a PhD in concrete and the team is today among the world leaders in their field.

By Lisbeth Nedergaard

Published 18.11.2015 

LAST UPDATED: 05.10.2017