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COWI helps to speed up construction of 3rd Bosphorus Bridge

Photo: ICA

​A costly delay of the record-setting bridge in Turkey is set to shorten significantly after the concessionaire hired COWI to provide Construction Engineering assistance and help optimize the construction process.

​What looked to be a costly delay for the builders of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul has now been significantly shortened by optimization of the activities.

Once finished, the bridge will be the World’s longest hybrid bridge being partly a cable-stayed bridge and partly a suspension bridge. The construction is highly complicated and the original plan to open in 2015 proved to be too optimistic, leaving the builders with the prospect of a delay of the opening until the first half of 2017.

Happy concessionaire

However, with the assistance of COWI’s Bridge specialists, the concessionaire ICA, a Turkish-Italian joint venture of Ictas and Astaldi, has managed to cut the delay by many months and is now heading to open in the summer of 2016. The most effective change has been to organise the work so that more construction activities are overlapping, and Contract Manager at ICA, Mr. Ahmet Mutluay is satisfied:

“With the help of COWI and the extensive know-how that COWI's bridge specialists brought to our project, we will be able complete our project much earlier than anticipated. Thanks to the optimization and contribution COWI has provided, our project was able to change its course drastically for the better. COWI's expertise has been invaluable for us.”

Besides working with the construction process, COWI is also making detailed computer calculations of the construction stages to follow-up on geometry and forces in the structures and to ensure the right result, when the bridge is completed.

Proud of the job

COWI Project Manager Lars Thornfeldt Sørensen has worked on numerous bridges all over the World. He is proud to work on the unique bridge and points out that the job is far from done:

“It is a privilege to work with this record-setting bridge, which is very challenging due to the hybrid cable support system. We will continue to look for ways to optimize the construction process, so the bridge can be finished as fast as possible, of course without jeopardizing safety.”

Costly delay reduced with COWI's assistance

Once completed, the Turk authorities has estimated that the bridge will be crossed by at least 135,000 vehicles every day. With a one-way toll of $3 for crossing the bridge plus tolls from the surrounding highways, it is obvious that every day the bridge is delayed is costly to the project.


Photo: ICA 

Published: 23.02.16

​Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (the Third Bosphorus Bridge)


Hybrid Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridge

Total length:

2,164 m

Main span:

1,408 m


58.4 m


321.9 m

LAST UPDATED: 16.02.2017