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OWF foundations will utilise new 'self-installing' technology

Photo: COWI

​COWI has been providing expert support to BAM for the development of a leading edge Gravity Base Foundation for offshore wind turbines. The foundation design will utilise ‘self-installing’ technology, which has been developed by two BAM companies, BAM Nuttall Ltd and BAM Infra bv.

The design is being undertaken by BAM Infraconsult. for whom COWI has been providing assistance with geotechnical interpretation and load definition since 2015. 

​Specialist input has been provided by COWI from tender stage through to the recent successful award, where BAM signed a contract with EDF to design, fabricate and install five full-size gravity base foundations. The foundations will support wind turbines of total 41.5MW in capacity, off the Northumberland coast in the North East of England.

The demonstration project contract awarded by EDF Energy Renewables, via SPV Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Ltd, is intended to help prove the viability of self-installing gravity base foundation technology in the offshore environment for future wind farms. The project is due for completion during summer 2017 with the installation of the gravity base foundations of 30m diameter and 60m height in approximately 40m water depth. The composite concrete and steel foundations weigh approximately 13,000t in situ on the sea bed.

COWI's role on the project includes input from COWI Marine UK, Donaldson Associates and COWI A/S, combining expertise across the group in geotechnical design, ground assessment, numerical modelling and wind and wave load combination. This support builds on COWI's experience with the detailed design of gravity base foundations for Rødsand, Thornton Bank and Kärehamn OWF and local experience of the variable ground conditions identified close to the project site.

LAST UPDATED: 31.05.2017