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New bridge is a piece of the puzzle linking Germany and Sweden

Photo: COWI

​With a contract on the New Bridge Masnedsund, the objective to establish one coherent railway link between Sweden and Germany through Denmark is nearly complete. COWI has delivered design for the majority of the infrastructure contracts on the Ringsted- Femern including detailed design on the two large bridges and the Femern tunnel.

An important piece of the puzzle linking Sweden and Germany through Denmark, and thus a major upgrade of the infrastructure in Northern Europe is coming into place as the Danish railways authority, Banedanmark, has initiated the construction of the New Bridge Masnedsund between Vordingborg and Masnedø.

COWI will deliver the detailed design on the new 200 meter railways bridge as part of  general upgrade of the Danish railway between Ringsted and Holeby which also includes an upgrade of the existing double track between Vordingborg and Ringsted, establishment of double track between Vordingborg and Holeby excluding the Storstrøm Bridge, electrification of the whole line and improving the infrastructure to increase speed limits up to 200 km/t.

”This is another step forward for public transport. Overall, the link between Ringsted and Femern will be a major improvement of the railways system across borders and increase mobility of businesses and people,” says Peter Hansen, Project Manager in COWI.

With the contract on the New Bridge Masnedsund, COWI will have delivered a major part of the infrastructure design linking Ringsted in Denmark and Femern in Germany. Among the projects is the record-breaking Femern tunnel project linking Denmark and Germany, which will be the longest immersed tunnel in the world. The tunnel is expected to open for traffic around 2028.

Published: 12.07.2016

Fact about New Bridge Masnedsund

​The New Bridge Masnedsund will run between Vordingborg and Masnedø next to the existing bascule bridge which will be locked and continue as a road bridge going forward.

The bridge will be 200 meters long and 14 meter wide. The passage height will be 5 meters.

The new bridge is part of  the Fehmarnbelt link, linking Denmark and Germany with a project value of approx. DKK 62 billion. This includes a  major railways upgrade between Ringsted and Femern which the Sund & Bælt owned company A/S Femern Landanlæg finances with Banedanmark as client.

LAST UPDATED: 01.06.2017