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New hotel in Malmö, Sweden will bring new life to one of the city's oldest housing blocks

Photo: Clarion Collection Hotel

In the heart of Malmö, Sweden, just a stone's throw away from the central station, lies one of the oldest building blocks in the city. In the future, it will house one of the biggest hotels in Malmö, and with the help of COWI, guests will be safe while enjoying the building's historic feel.

Old buildings are a large part of a community's past. But they can also offer great opportunities for a community's future, and the former publishing house of Scania's daily newspaper in the heart of Malmö is no exception.

The old building is currently being transformed into one of Malmö's biggest hotels, and COWI has been commissioned to do a complete design of the hotel's fire safety installations, thereby making it safer for its future guests while respecting the building's unique characteristics.

Something old and something new

In addition to the former publishing house, the hotel will also consist of a newly built section, reaching a total floorage of 10,000 m² with approximately 175 rooms.

"It's a lot of fun to work with such a large hotel project in Malmö. However, it is a challenge to find solutions that fit both the existing and the new building sections," says Pierre Palmberg from COWI's department of Fire Safety Engineering.

"The main challenge is to find technical solutions protecting the hotel from fire that comply with the building regulations, without changing the aesthetic qualities of the old parts of the new hotel," says Palmberg.

The block housing the publishing house is one of the oldest in Malmö and is placed in the historic quarter of St. Gertrude. The building adds great cultural value to the area, so preserving it is given high priority.

In order to preserve the building and its aesthetics, COWI's Fire Safety Engineering department made a thorough technical inventory of the existing building before starting the actual design work. 

The new hotel is expected to open in the summer of 2016.


By Karen Øksnebjerg
Published 06.10.2014

LAST UPDATED: 26.08.2017