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COWI on the winning team for new hospital in Stavanger

Work is about to start on building a new university hospital in Stavanger. Helse Stavanger has engaged COWI and the Nordic Office of Architecture as cooperation partners for the new hospital. The outline project is starting immediately.

​“There are not many projects of the size and complexity that we see in this one. Helping to realise Helse Stavanger’s vision of promoting healthcare and quality of life in the region is a great challenge, as well as a mark of confidence in our specialised experience in hospital building,” says Kirsti Engebretsen Larsen, Divisional Director Buildings at COWI

Prestigious outline project

COWI and the Nordic Office of Architecture won the prestigious contract in the face of tough competition from seven other major architects’ and consulting firms. The contract covers assistance with the outline project, with an option for further project phases. The contract value from the outline project is between NOK 15 and 20 million, with an option on approx. NOK 350 million.

There has been much debate in the region about the location of the new hospital and the outline project is intended to examine alternatives for extending hospitals on Våland, Ullandhaug or Stokka/Sandnes.

The outline project is in three main parts, which should provide a secure, transparent and high-quality basis for decisions by project management:

  • Hospital concept – functional planning and cooperation processes
  • Site analyses/architectural concept
  • Technical systems/building structure

Unique cooperation

“Building complex hospital facilities is a challenging task that demands a lot of innovation, coordination and experience from similar projects,” says Terje Bygland Nikolaisen, MD of COWI Norway.

The cooperation group have worked together on a number of large hospital projects, including St Olavs Hospital (Trondheim), the New Østfoldssykehus project (Sarpsborg), the New Molde Hospital, the ideas phase for Oslo University Hospital (OUS), a new hospital for LHL (Jessheim) and the Nordlandssykehus in Bodø.

“The results and the expertise we have developed together with Nordic make this cooperation quite unique in Scandinavian terms. It helps a lot towards effective processes and increased value-added for the client,” Nikolaisen goes on.

LAST UPDATED: 16.12.2017