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COWI helps Preem double the production of green diesel

Photo: Preem

​The fuel company Preem has just opened its new plant, which doubles its production capacity for fuels based on green raw materials. In mid-September, the project, spearheaded by COWI, handed over the new plant components to Preem’s operations organisation.

​Preem is working hard to produce even greener fuels, and has now expanded the plant, which upgrades renewable raw materials to normal diesel. The project is an important part of Preem’s vision of leading the transition to a sustainable society.

It has never been easy to get diesel based on biological oils to withstand the low winter temperatures in the Nordic countries. Extending the so-called GHT (Green Hydro Treater) plant, however, enables a greater mix of bio-oils and hence a greener fuel and increased production of Preem's so-called Evolution Diesel.

Evolution Diesel has a renewable element of up to 50% and produces up to 46% less fossil-based carbon dioxide emissions than normal diesel.

The upgrade of the existing storage facility also creates greater flexibility to use more renewable raw materials.

“It has been a very complex and extensive project. It is down to hard work and very effective collaboration between Preem’s operations organisation and the project that things have gone so well,” says the project manager at COWI, Linda Schwarz.

The plant was inaugurated on Tuesday with the presence of the Swedish Energy Minister.


Published 27.11.2015

COWI's assignment

​​COWI ran a multi-disciplinary pre-project for the new IsoGHT process, including the associated upgrading of the existing GHT plant and the tank farm. COWI also carried out the detailed project design and handled the overall planning and coordination of all the installation works for the new IsoGHT plant. COWI had an EPCM contract, meaning that it was responsible for the whole exercise.

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