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Breaking the sound barrier

Photo: COWI

​The students of the Noida Deaf Society spelling COWI in sign language.

​Four deaf students of the Noida Deaf Society have joined COWI India as Junior Associates, after completing a photogrammetric training course.

In August, the five students of the Noida Deaf Society (NDS) completed their training course at the COWI India training school at Gurgaon, and four of them have since joined the Mapping Department of COWI India as junior associates.

The training taught the students how to use photogrammetry equipment, and how to work adeptly in the fields of photogrammetry, geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing.
“After the training programme ended in August, four of the five students have now joined COWI India. The four students are all doing well in understanding the technical specifications of projects and the finer aspects of the software being used,” says Krishna Naithani, Technical Advisor of CIL Mapping.


Different advantages

During the course of the training, the trainers discovered the weaknesses and strengths of the NDS students. Being totally deaf from the time of their births, the students did not have the faculty of speech, a problem that was overcome by the trainer by learning basic sign language.
The initial problems of communication were soon overcome, as the students showed great talent in other areas.
“The students were very remarkable in some aspects. They were all incredibly good at focusing and applied great sincerity in carrying out the tasks assigned to them. All of them were very keen to learn. So they all completed the training programme successfully, although one student decided not to join COWI,” says Naithani.
Apart from COWI fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, the successful completion of the training programme gave a great sense of satisfaction and achievement to all concerned, right from the management to the trainers.

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016