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Building design for World Heritage Laponia

Photo: Wingårdhs

​World Heritage Laponia is one of twenty nine visitor centers​ around Sweden.

​COWI heads the structural design of the World Heritage Laponia visitor centre, located in the region of Lapland in northern Sweden.

​World Heritage Laponia is one of three visitor centres in Sweden where COWI has been involved in the building design. Store Mosse and Tåkern are the two other, and Laponia is the largest. Among other things, the visitor centre will work to provide information on the area's natural and cultural values and to promote outdoor stays.

“The visitor centre is being built on land used by the Sami people, and the building's location has been approved by the Sami as it lies on a promontory by a lake that is part of an ancient footpath,” says Project Manager Björn Wibom.

A building on nature’s own terms

The building is designed to become one with the barren landscape around the neighbouring Stuor Muorkke Lake, and the initial proposal specifically treated how nature will change and interact with the building.

“We are the main constructor of the structural design, and we prepared all construction documents for completion, foundation, frame and roof. The project was designed with Revit as drawing tool, which was necessary seeing as there is hardly a right angle in the whole structure,” says Wibom.

When completed in the autumn of 2014, World Heritage Laponia is set to be a building that lives on nature's own terms and will be a beautiful and exciting experience for the recurring visitor. 

COWI has designed the building structure in cooperation with the architect Wingårdhs, and the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten as client

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016