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COWI adds power to Volvo

Volvo Cars has chosen COWI to head the power supply for the Swedish car manufacturer’s new body plant in Torslanda.

COWI is instrumental in Volvo’s efforts to prepare for the future. The renowned Swedish car make is planning a number of new models – one of them being the XC90 model, based on a new platform.

As a result, Volvo is about to make a significant investment by extending and redeveloping the company factory in Torslanda, a Gothenburg suburb. COWI is in charge of planning the power supply for the new factory buildings.

"We are very pleased to be part of this development," says Thomas Jansson, Senior Advisor at COWI and the person responsible for the Volvo project.

Sustainable and disruption-free

COWI has been commissioned to plan both production power and property power for the new construction and to assume responsibility for production power in the extensive redevelopment of the existing plant.

The Torslanda body plant covers a total of 44,000 m2. A completely new section for the production of bodies for Volvo's larger models will be constructed, which alone will account for 24,000 m2. In addition, 20,000 m2 of existing premises are scheduled for redevelopment.

Power dimensioning is designed to achieve both low operating costs and disruption-free operation wherever possible. It will make use of a redundant high-voltage grid with transformation to low voltage at a number of locations as close to production as possible.

 "This allows low-voltage power inside the plant to be distributed using cable systems that are considerably shorter than would normally be the case, thereby reducing output losses," Jansson explains.

Complete solutions

Adopting a holistic approach to power supply for a production plant, a new shopping centre or an office block is a COWI speciality that offers the customer a complete, cost-effective solution for different needs related to power and automation technology.

The new body plant is due to be completed in autumn 2013, after which the production lines will be built. During the initial phase, 250 robots will weld the bodies for future Volvo models. The first XC90s will – with the support of COWI – roll off the production line at the end of 2014.

By Steffen de Vries, sevr@cowi.com 
and Maijlén Svelenius, maij@cowi.com

Published 10.06.2013

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016