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COWI gains ground in housing projects in India

Photo: Sumana Dinesh Associates

​COWI India signed its first contract with Chennai-based real estate company Greenn Tree Homes and Ventures in 2012. Today, COWI is just getting started on the fourth building project for this exact client.

​It all started with a revolutionary 22,000 m² housing block in Chennai, India. COWI was chosen as lead designer and advisor on the project called Greenn Tree 101 because of its extensive knowledge of precast structures, a service that is still hard to find in India. The design of this project is now completed and construction will begin later this year.

"The Greenn Tree 101 is very special because it's the first building project that COWI's Chennai-based office has designed locally in India. Also, COWI is handling all services from detail design over production drawings to construction consultancy," says Head of Department Nicolai Opolzer.

The project that keeps on giving

As COWI proved its worth on the Greenn Tree 101, three other local building contracts were put on the table. One project involved building a whole new neighbourhood in the Thiruvallur District west of Chennai.

The new township called Greenn Town is constructed on greenfield land in an industrial area. The plan is to create an entire new community for middle-class families looking for affordable homes in the Chennai area.

COWI India is responsible for mechanical and electrical design of all the houses and for all external services such as street lights, water supply, sewerage and drainage systems for the entire 40-acre area.

"We have just finished the preliminary design on the project and are now waiting for approval from the local authorities. Also, the client has just started a sales campaign for the housing and is ready to proceed with actual construction works when a  certain number of houses have been sold," Opolzer says.

Rikke Vous Hvidsteen  

Published 21.02.2014

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016