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COWI is a key supplier on new railway

Photo: COWI


​The local railway from Køge to Næstved is part of the Banedanmark Electrification Programme for the Danish railways. When the electrification is in place the fundament for further punctuality is present. 

By connecting the Køge Nord – Næstved Line to the new København-Ringsted Line thousands of daily commuters will save travel time. ​

COWI plays a major role in getting this on track and presently Søren Digmann Bjerregaard in BTM Bridges Scandinavia is heading the project, which overall will enable installation of a new catenary system for electrical trains. 

​“We will have to modify 16 bridges and generally upgrade the tracks on the 45 km stretch in order to create enough clearance for the new catenary system and prepare the railway line for the increased speed,” says Søren Digmann Bjerregaard. 

The plan is to replace 10 bridges, remove two, raise one and lower the tracks under three bridges. The tracks will undergo extensive surveys to decide which improvements are required for the stretch to accommodate trains going 160 km/t and to fulfill all safety, environmental and quality requirements for this. 

COWI’s team will before summer lock the initial project and during fall prepare the detailed design for tender to Banedanmark. 

“The project is a great collaboration in COWI because we have multiple competences in-house and can provide our key customer Banedanmark with one company covering multiple skills. This project involves specialists from several business units; our geotechnical team will work with foundations, measuring is done by surveyors from planning and different road specialists are involved in raising roads and lowering tracks. Other specialist are involved in earthing and bounding or working with drainage, contaminated soil and lowering of the water table,” explains Søren Digmann Bjerregaard, BTM, Bridges Scandinavia. A large part of the detailed design is going to be carried out from our Indian office.

Published 14.05.2014 

Facts about the Køge Nord – Næstved project


Prepare the Køge Nord- Næstved stretch for electrification 


Renewal and reconstruction of bridges and roads on the stretch increasing the clearance and create space for the new catenary system.

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