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COWI shopping centre is the best in the world

Photo: COWI

​The Emporia shopping centre in Malmö has been named the best in the world.

​At the World Architecture Festival in Singapore, Malmo’s new shopping centre, Emporia, was named the best in the world.

Little more than a year has passed since Emporia first opened its doors, but the shopping centre has already made a name for itself outside of Sweden. COWI headed the structural engineering of the building, which was named the best shopping centre in the world at the recent World Architecture Festival in Singapore.

”The project involved cooperation between COWI’s offices in Malmo and Gothenburg, and it was really exciting. We were responsible for all design coordination and in-situ concrete. In addition, we produced design documents for the steel structures for the three-storey section of Emporia and for the northern parking garage, which has 2,250 parking spaces,” says Senior Specialist Roberto Caprile.


A great recognition of COWI

The entire Emporia project contains more than 160,000 m² of shops, offices and parking garages. The size and complexity of the building were from the start a major challenge for COWI's team, which among other things was responsible for the large pillars and beams supporting the steel grille of the large undulating entrance facade.
The World Architecture Festival (WAF) is one of the world's most prestigious architectural competitions organized by the British magazine Architectural Review, among others. 
The jury found the public, grassy roof park especially impressive. The park absorbs rainwater and offers an outdoor space in the huge building complex, so Emporia also received the Inside Award 2013, celebrating the best interior design.
”Everyone did their absolute best to meet the demands of the architect and the client. Emporia winning this fine award is a great recognition of COWI’s work and of our entire incredibly talented team, and especially, it is a recognition of the tremendous work done by Christian Evertsson, the manager of the project,” says Caprile.

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016