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COWI wins employer branding awards

Photo: COWI

​On 8 October Universum hosted the Swedish Talent Excellence Summit & Awards 2014, where COWI was voted Innovator of the Year and Lars Erik Bjuhr, HR Manager at COWI Sweden, received this year’s Honorary Award.

​“It is a great honour to be voted Innovator of the Year. It is great to see that our efforts in employer branding are producing real results, which is clear from the way COWI is rising up Universum’s ranking for young professionals. Our sights are now set on growth and becoming an even more attractive employer,” says Pär Hammarberg, President of COWI Sweden.

Lars Erik Bjuhr continues:
“I’m extremely proud and honoured to receive the Honorary Award. It means that we’re getting it right at COWI – by taking care of our employees we create commitment and loyal, long-term relationships.”

COWI’s employer branding work

To strengthen our position as an attractive company, COWI works actively on employer branding, partly through collaborations with universities and colleges. Conveying what it is like to work at COWI increases the probability of attracting the right talent to the company, and making sure those people enjoy their jobs and stay with COWI.

At COWI, we offer challenges in expertise-enhancing projects in Sweden and abroad, and focus on long-term employee development with annual performance reviews and internal training at the COWI Academy.

“When we take part in career days at universities and colleges, employees in COWI’s different departments substantiate the statements we make about the company. This makes us credible in our communication, which leads to a successful result,” says Lars Erik Bjuhr.

Innovator of the Year

The panel’s comments: "In a short time, COWI has become one of the hot names in the Swedish, technical consultancy sector. The employees’ commitment to and pride in their employer is tangible, and a key factor in standing out from the rest. By offering its employees exciting assignments, participation and flexible working conditions, COWI has truly found what young talents are looking for in an employer."

Honorary Award

The panel’s comments: "With a strong focus on building a distinct, attractive employer brand, Lars Erik Bjuhr has made COWI a company to be reckoned with in the fight for talent. His belief in offering employees the ability to have an influence creates commitment and loyalty. Initiating a close collaboration between HR and the communication department is clearly a successful way of ensuring that COWI speaks with one voice when reaching out to new talent."


​Every year Universum highlights people and companies that stand out from the crowd with their commitment to and knowledge of employer branding.

This year’s Talent Excellence Summit & Awards presented Sweden’s most attractive employers among young professionals, as well as people and companies who have worked with employer branding in an engaging way.

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