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COWI wins two major assignments for the Ring 3 light rail

Photo: COWI
COWI landed the consultancy assignment regarding traffic, planning and construction of the Ring 3 light rail, which will run from Lundtofte north of Copenhagen to Ishøj in the south. COWI is also sub-consultant on the architectonic assignment. This means that the Ring 3 project will benefit from the consulting company’s wealth of experience from light rail projects in, e.g., Aarhus, Odense and Bergen.

In February 2014, the act on a light rail on Ring 3 was passed in the Danish parliament, Folketinget. Now, the work is starting, and COWI is in the driver’s seat, contributing solid experience from light rail projects in Denmark and abroad. 

“There’s no doubt that COWI won the two major light rail packages for Ring 3, because we have wide experience with light rail projects in Denmark and abroad, as well as in-depth knowledge of the processes relating to large-scale multidisciplinary construction projects in major cities. We also hold all of the competencies required to execute these kinds of projects – from traffic and town planners to engineers, architects and economists,” says Michael Bindseil, Senior Vice President of COWI’s Railways, Roads and Airports unit.​


Extensive groundwork

Before the light rail tracks can be laid, vast efforts will go into planning the future traffic structure and designing the light rail alignment, the new roads, bridges and tunnels, which will make sure that traffic continues to flow, both during and after the establishment of the light rail. Prior to construction, numerous buried utility lines have to be relocated. These are COWI’s tasks in the first project phase. Furthermore, as sub-consultant to Gottlieb Paludan Architects, GHB Landskabsarkitekter and Kontrapunkt, COWI won the architectonic part of the project, which involves station layout and landscaping. 

Benefitting the Greater Copenhagen area 

Running parallel to the Ring 3 motorway circling Copenhagen, the light rail will cover 27 kilometres and 27 stops. The light rail will pass through a number of municipalities, including the centre of Herlev, and feature stations by Glostrup Hospital, the Technical University of Denmark in Lundtofte and other key locations. The light rail will also connect S-trains and existing main thoroughfares.  

The Ring 3 light rail will not only allow passengers to travel with ease and comfort from Ishøj to Lundtofte: It is just as much a strategic tool for creating urban development and attracting business to the municipalities on its route. In addition, the light rail improves the ties between the municipalities and Copenhagen, thereby strengthening cohesion throughout the Capital Region of Denmark. 

The project stands still untill April 10, 2014. 


Facts about the project

The light rail will pass through the following municipalities: 

The Ring 3 light rail is expected to start operation in 2020 at the earliest. 

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016