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Doha metro will improve traffic conditions for 100 years to come

Photo: COWI
Beneath the streets of Doha, Qatar, several COWI employees are currently working on Doha's future metro. The hope is, that the new metro will move traffic away from the streets, thereby relieving the pressure on the city's busy roads.

Considering the fact that more than 60  % of Qatar's population lives in Doha or its surrounding suburbs, it comes as no surprise, that the city's transport facilities are under severe pressure.

The Doha metro will consist of four lines, and will serve the Greater Doha area. The four lines will consist of both underground and elevated rail sections as well as several bridges and over passes. It will include connections to town centres and commercial and residential areas throughout the city. By introducing durable concrete constructions to the metro, COWI is helping to ensure that the city can experience less heavy traffic many years to come.

From 10 to 120 years lifespan

At the moment, COWI is working on the durability design of the metro's concrete structures. In a region known for its high temperatures and an aggressive environment, concrete structures normally do not last longer than 10 to 20 years.

By introducing clear and higher standards for the durability design and production of the concrete, COWI aspire to introduce concrete structures to the area with a lifespan of 120 years.

"We see the construction of metros emerging all over the world. Each part of the world has its own challenges, and the concrete structures need to withstand the area's specific environment and be able to sustain the millions of people expected to use the metro in the future," states Carola Edvardsen, Technical Director.

A core service in COWI

In order to accommodate this, COWI has drawn on a long history of experience in the Middle East and within durability design of concrete structures, including the Abu Dhabi Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP) and the Copenhagen Metro.

"The durability design of concrete structures is a core COWI service. We have always been in the front and participated in many large projects across the globe. Our solid experience combined with our local presence in the Gulf, means that we understand the needs and conditions required to deliver a high quality product that can withstand the tough environment," Edvardsen says.

Owner's recommendations

COWI's participation in the Doha metro has not gone unnoticed. Just one year ago, COWI was part of only one out of four of the metro lines running beneath the buzzing city. As a result the owner has recommended COWI as a concrete consultant to the remaining lines of the metro.

Published 21.12.2014 

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016