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Utilise your data with cloud GIS

Photo: Jan Edvardsen

There are a lot of great reasons for placing IT solutions in a cloud. Often, a cloud solution is both cheaper and safer, and Google and COWI's collaboration makes it easier to work with geodata across platforms.

By means of Google Maps Engine, Google and COWI enable private and public organisations to collaborate across different platforms and mobile units such as tablets and smartphones.
With cloud solutions it is possible to link data from business systems, such as billing or customer data, with a geographical component.

Data is king

Google encourages you to "Discover where your data can take you", which is exactly what the new solution does. The new product offers a number of advantages to users:

  • Performance: Google's worldwide data centre operation offers high performance distribution of geodata and guaranteed high availability.

  • Cross platform: The product offers full functionality regardless of what standard browser and operating system you use.
    Mobility: Mobile use of geodata is in demand, and Google's technolo-gies support use on both iOS and Android.

  • Google's exciting and innovative technologies also make it easier and more intuitive to integrate geodata in web-based environments – while being more user-friendly than similar solutions.

COWI handles the integration between Google Maps Engine and the cus-tomer's production environment, in this way disseminating data throughout your organisation. Thereby, Google's technologies act as integrated components that strengthen the total use of organisational geodata.


Creating value for customers

Steen Jappe, Vice President of GIS and IT in COWI, explains how cloud solutions create value: "Teaming up with Google provides us with a set of tools to optimise users' use and thereby the value of their geodata. This additional value is generated partly through the highly innovative solutions, and partly through the high data security and performance."

He adds, "all in all, this is a very solid foundation for technologically sup-porting our customers' critical business processes."

Facts about Google Maps Engine

Google Maps Engine is a scalable, powerful and safe platform for building and sharing maps by using the Google cloud.

The full potential of your geodata is utilised through safe sharing across units.


LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016