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Major expansion of Swedish transportation hub

Photo: Tengbom

​​Illustration of the central station in Helsingborg, Knutpunkten, after the renovation and expansion. 

​The expansion and renovation of one of Sweden's busiest transportation hubs, the central station in Helsingborg called Knutpunkten, has begun. 

The grand Swedish station connects busses, trains and ferries and up to 45,000 passengers travel through the station by one of these means every day. 

More than 10,000 square meters of office space on five additional plans will be added on top of the existing building, which will create workspace for 500-600 people. The new and modern offices are estimated to be ready for use in the autumn of 2015. 


Logistic challenges 

When the construction of the additional five floors begins, it will be quite a logistical challenge because of the huge amount of people passing through the central every day. The custom area at the ferry terminal and the hotel and offices next door also challenges the construction on the site. 

"This project is a lot of fun and at the same time very different from other projects. You rarely build additional floors on top of an existing building in a busy environment like this. In order not to interfere with the traffic in the central and the 45,000 people passing through on a daily basis, the logistics must be planned down to the smallest detail by the contractor," says Björn Mörlund, Project Manager at COWI.

The architectural firm Tengbom has designed the new office spaces, which will have an ocean view, while COWI is lead designer on the renovation and extension of the building. 

Rikke Vous Hvidsteen

Published 12.05.2014​​

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016