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New COWI Denmark acquisition boosts railway consultancy competencies

Photo: Nicky Bonne


With the acquisition of Danish Apsilon, COWI strengthens its competencies in railway modernisation, especially in terms of ERTMS – a system that ensures signal interoperability.

Across most of Europe, railway signals are to be replaced to optimise and harmonise railway operations. 

“COWI expects to see great demand for railway consultancy services in Scandinavia and Europe, and the acquisition of Apsilon further boosts our position – especially considering Apsilon’s competencies in the European train control and communications system, ERTMS, which will be vital for the future railway operations in Europe,” says Jens Christoffersen, Regional Vice President of COWI Denmark.

COWI Denmark’s Senior Vice President of Railways, Roads and Airports, Michael Bindseil, adds: 

“Signalling systems is the backbone of day-to-day railway operation. I have no doubt that, together with our new colleagues from Apsilon, we can create strong synergy effects and strengthen our railway activities in the Scandinavian and European markets.”


Right at the forefront 

In just a few years, Apsilon has become a leading Danish railway consultant with core competencies in signalling systems (interlocking), including ERTMS, assessment, remote control systems, validation and project management. 

Apsilon offers ERTMS consultancy services in Denmark and Norway and is currently undertaking validation and assessment assignments on the Danish Vestbanen rail line. On-projects will continue with Apsilon key staff, just within COWI settings. 

Denmark and Norway are among the very first countries which introduce ERTMS not merely on sub-sections, but throughout the two countries. In the future, this will mean far more efficient utilisation of the Danish rail network and the rail network across European borders. Such common systems will result in substantially fewer delays and wasted time. 

ERTMS is expected to be fully implemented in Denmark in 2021 and in Norway in 2030. ​



Founded: 2000
Number of employees: 14
Geographical location: Offices in Vejle and Copenhagen 
Company type: Private limited company (A/S)
Managing Director: Andreas Petersen

Apsilon A/S was employee-owned, and Managing Director and founder, Andreas Petersen, was the main shareholder.​



ERTMS stands for European Rail Traffic Management System, and is a pan-European train control and communication system. It is the first standard to enable a train, regardless of its origin, to smoothly and easily travel any ERTMS area in the world, using just one control computer instead of having to switch between different systems. An increasing number of countries outside of Europe are aiming to shift to ERTMS signalling systems. This includes nations in Africa where COWI is involved in several railway projects.

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016