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New framework contract to support poverty reduction and human rights

Photo: COWI

​New country programmes for over 20 African countries will be developed and implemented over the next four years as part of the revised development policy of Danida, the Danish development cooperation. 

COWI has been awarded a Danida framework contract together with six consortium members. The contract involves the development of up to 22 new country programmes in Africa, Latin America and Asia that will all support a higher purpose of reducing poverty and improving all aspects of human rights. 

​COWI has undertaken technical projects for both Danida and other customers all over Africa for more than 50 years. However, it has been a while since such a comprehensive strategic project was last signed. Team Leader Jens Brinch is particularly pleased with COWI landing a significant partnership with Danida through this project. 

"We are very proud to have won this contract. COWI has worked with Danida under standard short-term contracts within consultancy services for a long time, in recent years primarily regarding design and implementation of different types of projects. We haven't been involved in design, development and analysis at the strategic level for a while, and that has changed with this framework contract," Brinch says. 

A mix of skills is needed

A country programme will include up to three of four thematic areas and may have up to 30 engagements or projects under the selected thematic areas:

- Human rights, democracy and governance issues 

- Green growth

- Social progress

- Stability and protection.

Within each field, a team leader has been chosen to assign the relevant experts requested by Danida to conduct the different assignments under the framework contract. According to Jens Brinch, who is Team Leader within human rights, democracy and governance issues, it is the combination of skills within COWI and its consortium partners that will determine whether each assignment will be won. 

“We are co-operating closely with COWI Belgium and applying a lot of its expertise in managing framework contracts. And together with COWI Belgium, we have formed a capable consortium, ensuring that we can respond professionally and qualified to any Danida requests,” says Brinch and continues: 

"The total potential volume of this contract is quite big, but six international consortia will compete for the assignments. Therefore, we need to provide high-calibre teams for each assignment to win them."

The framework contract will be used for developing country programmes in four steps of the programming cycle: Identification, formulation (programming), appraisal and review. During the contract period, Danida aims at developing country programmes for the majority of the 22 priority countries. The Danish embassies in the partner countries will largely be responsible for managing the programming process.

By Rikke Vous Hvidsteen

Published 10.07.2014​

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016