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New plant produces greener and more sustainable plasticizers

Photo: COWI

​With the help of COWI, the new extension of Perstorp's plant in Stenungsund, Sweden, will boost its annual plasticizer capacity to 150,000 tonnes, thereby giving Perstorp's customers faster access to more sustainable and cost-effective plasticizers.

​In a world where natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and the effect of CO₂ emissions is felt on an almost daily basis, regulators and customers alike all demand greener and safer products, be they toys or buildings.

In 2006, COWI and Perstorp began an adventure to meet these demands. The project is the biggest investment in Perstorp's history and will make the company one of only two fully integrated European suppliers of plasticizers. 

COWI is responsible for the basic and detail engineering and has assisted in the design, management and procurement. Last but not least, COWI also carried out the hazard and operability study.

A dual action project

In order to build and integrate the new plant, COWI prepared a 3D scan of one of the existing factories. The existing drawing material was old and unreliable, so the 3D scan reduced the project's design time and increased quality significantly, thanks to the high accuracy of the scan data.

In addition to the Perstorp extension, COWI is also working on a butane gas plant in the same Stenungsund cluster that will supply Perstorp with butane gas (raw gas). As the two plants lie right next to each other and COWI has designed both, Perstorp is able to provide its customers with faster access to its products.

Close customer relationship

Since 2006, COWI has worked together with Perstorp on the Valerox (formerly Valex) project. At that time, the investment was twice as big, but the financial crisis led to changes to the scope and the time schedule. In the wake of the financial crisis, COWI and Perstorp trimmed the basic design, helping Perstorp cut its investment in half and the detail design resumed full speed in beginning of 2012.

"Our relationship with Perstorp goes back a long time. They know our employees and we know theirs, which saves us a lot of time during the design phases. It allowed us to get a quick start and made the decision processes much easier. We work more or less like one company, and this is a great example of the kind of relationship we wish to have with all our customers," states Peter Salomonson, Project Director in Industry Management.

The project was originally scheduled for completion in mid-2015, but installations are expected to be finished in October, so the plant can be up and running at the end of this year, delivering its products in the beginning of 2015.

Published 27.10.2014

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016