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Powerful strategy and implementation

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On Tuesday 27 May, CEO Lars-Peter Søbye was invited to an after work seminar at the Danish Architecture Center's newly renovated offices overlooking the harbor of Copenhagen. Among the participants were representatives from Danske Bank, LEO Pharma, PwC, Maersk Line and Siemens. The topic was strategy execution with Søbye as the front speaker.

"Everybody dreams about it – COWI did it: created a clear strategy by involving employees, management forums, customers, board of directors and principal shareholders. At the same time, COWI ensured an effective, sustained and value-creating implementation. Does that sound too good to be true? Last year the consulting group COWI created the best profit ever in the company's 80-year history based on their PowerHouse 2015 strategy."

These were the words in the invitation to the strategy execution seminar in May which was organised by the Danish newspaper Børsen and the consulting group Valcon. Strategy development is part of everyday life in any modern business, which is why every seat was occupied at the Danish Architecture Centre when Søbye shared how PowerHouse 2015 works in practice. How do you involve the organisation and produce results that can be seen on the bottom line?

A look behind the scenes

At the after work seminar Søbye gave a thorough explanation of the main ingredients in PowerHouse 2015 and highlighted the wide involvement, the determination of the four strategic cornerstones, the effective execution and the solid internal communication.

"We've created a strategy that works and that we can be proud of. Our strategy is based on a 'dream about the future' and has been developed through involvement of customers, employees, owners and board of directors. It strengthens our position to share our knowledge and success, and as an organisation we benefit from being challenged by outsiders."

As a leading northern European consulting group that works with engineering, economics and environmental science worldwide, COWI is a major player on the global market, and Søbye painted a clear picture of PowerHouse 2015 and explained why the strategy works.

"Our corporate strategy is based on a thorough knowledge of the industry COWI is a part of and the society we operate in – now and in the future. During 2010, we identified four market trends: Customers want partners, not suppliers; competition is getting tougher, and prices will be under pressure; projects will become larger and more complex; and finally, globalisation and the growing population will boost business opportunities. Four years later, I note that we've hit the mark, because it's still these four trends that are applicable to COWI's business."

Lars-Peter was interviewed on PowerHouse 2015 and the implementation of the strategy shortly after the seminar.
See the interview – in Danish – below.


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LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016