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Project management of Aarhus’ massive urban project

Photo: www.urbanmediaspace.com
On the old docks of Aarhus, Urban Mediaspace Aarhus – the new public meeting place – is taking shape.

Massive changes are taking place at the old docks of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, which is the site of one of Europe’s largest waterfront projects. Urban Mediaspace Aarhus is the largest urban project ever undertaken in the city.

One part of the project is Dokk1, the new building which is to contain Aarhus’ new public library as well as the city’s main municipal service centre. COWI heads construction management on Dokk1, which will become an attractive and sustainable multipurpose building on an international scale, with a total floorage of 85,000 m². The building is meant to create a new public space for the people of Aarhus and revitalise the area.
“COWI’s role in this project is to provide construction management, which basically means we are in charge of quality control and cost control of the entire building site. A project like this always sees hundreds of minor changes to the original plan. It is our job to ensure that all these changes are carried out in an optimal way – economic and qualitative,” says Project Manager Peter Jørgensen.


Changing the city landscape

Urban Mediaspace Aarhus is more than Dokk1, though. New docksides are to be built as well as Europe’s largest automatic parking facility for more than a thousand cars. The project also means that all traffic through the port will be re-routed, as the river running below street level by the port will be opened.
“This project is huge and very challenging. A large part of the building site is located in what was the port before the project. And as if Urban Mediaspace Aarhus was not challenging enough, this massive building site is cramped in between the water, heavy street traffic and a railway. A local railway, the future light rail of Aarhus, will run below part of the building, so on top of everything else, Urban Mediaspace Aarhus will get its own train stop,” says Jørgensen.

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016