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Work on the Marieholms Tunnel moves into next phase

Photo: Trafikverket

​​The Marieholms Tunnel is expected to be completed in 2020.

Construction of the Marieholms Tunnel is ready to kick off in Gothenburg. After four years of intensive planning, COWI looks forward to entering the next stage.

One of COWI Sweden's largest infrastructure projects, the Marieholms Tunnel will include a road tunnel under the river and is expected to be completed in 2020. It will relieve traffic through the city of Gothenburg as well as reduce dependence on the existing road across the river.

COWI has contributed specialists in planning and project management and was responsible for developing terms of reference for the 500 metres long immersed tunnel. Since there have been many aspects to take into account, COWI's Environmental Department has been involved from the start, with everything from dealing with the application regarding water activities to performing tests on contaminated soil.

“It has been a fantastically fun time, and a thrilling challenge to work with a project of this huge scale that requires very advanced technological solutions,” says Project Manager Göran Bähr.


Collaboration has been a success factor 

Since immersed tunnels are rare in Sweden, experts from COWI Denmark with considerable expertise have also been part of the project. The Marieholms Tunnel has been a complex and intensive project with ambitious goals, and featured a project team of consultants with experience from both Swedish and international projects.

A safety concept for the tunnel has also been developed and possible risks identified. The contract has also included health and safety issues during the design, construction and even beyond operation. 

“You create something good when you work together. You rarely come across such a complex job that requires so many different advanced solutions. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, it has been possible to achieve such a great end result,” says Bähr. 

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016