Roads and Highways

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Selection of projects showing the range of consultancy services provided by COWI within Roads and Highways

Selection of international and Danish projects:

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Consulting services for the design and the construction supervision of approximately 218 km long section of TANZAM Highway
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COWI helps improve infrastructure in Iraq

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​COWI develops tender design for orbital highway in Doha 

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In 2008 COWI A/S in consortium with COWI Uganda Ltd. and Kwezi V3 Engineers, South...

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​Upgrading of road infrastructure supports economic growth and regional integratio...

​Road improvements reduce congestion in Nairobi - one of Africa's busiest and...

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COWI is responsible for traffic, planning and construction works for the Ring 3 Li...

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During rush hour the Elsinore Highway is heavily congested. COWI assists the ...

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