Highway bridges

Photo: COWI
Take a tour of select projects which COWI is carrying out or has completed in the field of highway bridges.

The Great Belt Link, the West Bridge, Denmark (pdf)

The Dong-Hai Sea crossing, China (pdf)

The Vejle Fjord Bridge, Denmark (pdf)

The Alssund Bridge, Denmark (pdf)

The Sisimut Bridge, Greenland (pdf)

The Sathorn Bridge project, Thailand (pdf)

The Golden Horn Bridge, Turkey (pdf)

The Sitra Bridges replacement, Bahrain (pdf)

The Bhagalpur Bridge, India (pdf)

The Skjern Aa wooden bridges, Denmark (pdf)

Bridge across the Memele River, Latvia (pdf)

The Allé Bridge in Hammerby Sjöstad, Stockholm, Sweden (pdf)

Bridges for the Flintholm Station, Denmark (pdf)

Wooden bridge across the Remmevej, Denmark (pdf)

Bridges across the Rakovina Valley and River, Kosovo (pdf)

Bridge across the Munksjö, Sweden (pdf)

LAST UPDATED: 01.04.2017