Post Hurricane Sandy Emergency Ferry Landing

Photo: COWI

​COWI Marine engineers provided the design of the temporary ferry landing to help restore transportation in the after effects of Hurricane Sandy - all in just 120 hours.

​On October 29th, 2012 ‘Super Storm’ Hurricane Sandy hit New York City with strong wind gusts and a storm surge of 13.67 feet, causing extensive coastal flooding and damage to property and vital city infrastructure. COWI Marine was contacted by New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) within hours after Super Storm Sandy caused widespread damage to the low laying areas around the New York Harbor.

The subway tracks connecting Far Rockaway to the rest of New York City were almost completely destroyed by the massive storm. In an effort to help assist thousands impacted by Hurricane Sandy in the Rockaways, Mayor Bloomberg &  NYCEDC provided temporary ferry service between the Rockaways and Manhattan while subway service on that route was suspended. 

In a collaborative effort, COWI Marine, Skanska, Phoenix Marine and Southern Services  designed, permitted and installed this temporary ferry landing on the Rockaways all within 120 hours. COWI Marine created contract drawings overnight, allowing the contractors to begin procurement of the material. COWI Marine was challenged with designing a landside gangway landing platform with limited available resources. Ultimately, the design included 3/4” steel road plates, concrete moffit blocks as counter weight, steel stairs and ramps to insure the gangway and barge were in compliance with ADA and Local Law 68 standards.

While residents of the affected area were dealing with the aftermath of this storm, these emergency ferry landings gave them at least one secure and safe method of transportation.

LAST UPDATED: 03.02.2017