The Pearl Marinas, Qatar

Photo: COWI

​The Pearl Qatar is a new Riviera-style man-made island constructed 10 km north of Doha offering a unique living and cultural experience with a great diversity of living areas based on the best of various architectural styles.

The island includes residential, commercial and recreational facilities, covers an area of 5 km by 3 km, and is home to 40,000 residents. At the eastern end of the island lie a string of private islands.

Qatar and the greater Gulf area have a rich marine heritage from pearl diving and fishing to oceangoing trading ships. To continue this relationship with the sea and meet the demands of yachting three marinas were developed in separate coves, each catering to differing needs. Porto Arabia, the largest marina, is a premium megayacht marina. Viva Bahriya serves the more popular smaller boats and includes the maintenance facility, and Costa Fayrouz has a dedicated sailing yacht marina. The Qanat Qartier district, designed with a network of canals reflecting the style and characteristics of Venice serves very small boats.

All marinas have been designed with pile-guided floating pontoon systems in accordance with the highest international standards for marinas. They include the full range of services and utilities and a fully equipped maintenance facility with dry storage for boats up to 8 m in length.

The main marina work included:

  • Hydraulic modelling studies including wave climate impact, current velocity and water level, flushing and water quality, shoreline evolution, and beach stability and sedimentation
  • Surveys and investigations including bathymetry, geotechnical investigations and environmental management plan
  • Feasibility study of water taxis and ferry services
  • Concept and basic design considering marina locations, layouts, boat mix, dredging, and navigation and manoeuvring
  • Basic design of the marinas including services and utilities together with fuel docks, maintenance facilities, ferry and water taxi berths
  • Full tender documentation.

The marina design and materials selection considered operation and maintenance requirements as well as sustainability and environmental impacts.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017