Tuborg South Waterfront Development, Denmark

Photo: COWI

​Tuborg Syd is a new neighbourhood developed in the area of the former Tuborg factory and the old industrial port in Hellerup.

The development comprises 210.000 m2 of buildings including housing, offices, a shopping centre, a public school, and other public institutions. The new district is located in a coastal environment with new canals, a new marina and buildings with sea views to Øresund. COWI was responsible for the master plan developing the area and provided multidisciplinary consultancy services covering marine works, traffic planning, roads, bridges, utilities, buildings and subterranean parking facilities. A close cooperation was maintained with the architects from Vilhelm Lauritzen A/S to ensure that aesthetic requirements of the project were fulfilled.

The marina work included:

  • Planning of the marine layout
    450 m of new canals providing berthing for smaller yachts and motor craft. Irregular basins are provided for larger yachts. The quay walls, retaining up to 8 m, were designed as anchored sheet piled structures
  • 1600 m of wooden and granite promenades along the quay walls in up to three levels separated by retaining walls in precast, sand-coloured concrete 
  • A marina with approximately 350 ultra-modern and luxurious berths with water, electricity, TV and internet connection. Shore facilities such as a yacht club building and service quay N
  •  New breakwaters and a new pier head to minimise wave disturbance in the harbour basin
  • 700 m of new reclaimed coast line south of the harbour entrance.

Earth moving logistics was of prime importance to the development, with large quantities of contaminated soil to be handled in a cost-effective manner and with due consideration to environmental requirements.

The marina and approximately 1600 m of quay were designed and tendered in phases to enable designated packages to be completed as early as possible.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017