Bored tunnels

Photo: COWI

Take a tour of selected projects that COWI is carrying out or has completed in the field of bored tunnels.

The Abu Dhabi Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP), U.A.E.

The Orlovski Tunnel, St Petersburg, Russia  

The Copenhagen district heating tunnel, Denmark

The Copenhagen metro, the Cityringen, Denmark (pdf)

The Malmö Citytunnel, Sweden (pdf)

The Hallandsås Tunnel, Sweden (pdf)

The new crossing at Frederikssund, Denmark (pdf)

Tunnels for the Copenhagen metro, Denmark (pdf)

The Bosphorus tube crossing (pdf)

The Green Heart Tunnel, The Netherlands (pdf)

The Fehmarn Belt tunnel feasibility study, Denmark-Germany (pdf)

The Elsinore Helsingborg Tunnel, Denmark-Sweden (pdf)

The Great Belt Tunnel, Denmark (pdf)



LAST UPDATED: 15.03.2017