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BLOX - Copenhagen's new cultural hotspot

Photo: Renderinger: OMA/www.bryghusprojektet.dk
On the waterfront in Copenhagen, Realdania Byg is developing a multi-functional building with an exhibition place for the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), as well as apartments, a restaurant and outdoor space for recreation and play.

BLOX will be located close to the Royal Library in a historic urban environment that holds the potential of becoming one of the most attractive areas in Copenhagen.

The idea is that the building and its open areas for play and recreation will help bring more life to the area and enhance the link between the inner city and the Copenhagen harbourfront.

Construction ChallengesThe world-renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and his firm OMA have designed the BLOX project, which is a very ambitious project that will set new standards in architecture, sustainability and urban and traffic planning in Copenhagen.

The building is constructed as a stack of compact cubes that will contain different features such as exhibition space, offices and homes. This provides exciting challenges for the design of the structures as well as the mechanical installations, fire safety, acoustics and lighting.

In addition, the building is being constructed above and below the Copenhagen Ring 2 circular road without disturbing the traffic unnecessarily. Along with the deep underground car park that is to be built right next to the harbour, this is a great technical challenge.

International collaborationKoolhaas/OMA has appointed ARUP as engineers, and ARUP has selected COWI as their local partner on the project.

C.F. Møller is local advisor to OMA and thus also a close associate of COWI.

COWI has worked with OMA and ARUP since November 2006 on developing the project.

The project is scheduled to be completed in the beginning of 2018.


LAST UPDATED: 01.02.2017