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Greenn Town – new township in Thiruvallur District, India

Photo: Sumana Dinesh Associates
​Greenn Town will offer affordable, modern homes for middle class families

A whole new residential neighbourhood is under construction in the Thiruvallur District, India. COWI India is MEP designer for the project.

Greenn Town is a new township constructed on greenfield land in an industrial area west of Chennai. The plan is to create an entire new community for middle class families looking for affordable homes in the Chennai area.

The township will be a self-sufficient private colony with its own park, shopping facilities, and even a school has been proposed. In the first phase the township will have 176 semi-independent houses each with two or three bedrooms, a kitchen and a hall.  

COWI India is responsible for the mechanical and electrical design for all the houses and for all external services such as street lights, water supply, sewerage and drainage systems for the entire 40 acre area.

Advanced MEP design
The project requires high quality mechanical and electrical design. In India, COWI is mostly known for the structural design of buildings, but nevertheless the client, Greenn Tree Homes and Ventures, has chosen COWI as MEP designer for the challenging project, which involves designing mechanical and electrical installations from scratch and transforming greenfield land into a modern, functional community.

COWI has established an MEP department in Chennai with highly qualified and experienced employees. This, together with the results from other building projects COWI has designed for Greenn Tree Homes and Ventures, has convinced the client that COWI can do high quality MEP design as well as structural design.

Tiruvallur district

The Tiruvallur district is a fast developing district in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the fastest developing districts in Tamil Nadu in terms of Industrial Development and has many leading industries.

The existence of many academic institutions, production units, business establishments, religious monuments and temples further enhances the strategic importance of Tiruvallur district for the state of Tamil Nadu.

LAST UPDATED: 31.01.2017