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Housing block in Chennai, India

Photo: Sumana Dinesh Associates
​The architects Sumana Dinesh Associates have designed the housing block with a red brick, almost Scandinavian look.
COWI has designed a new building in Chennai with homes for modern families. The housing block will be among the first residential housing units in Chennai built with precast structures.

Houses constructed with precast concrete structures are yet an unusual sight in Indian cities where more traditional building practices are still predominant.

A 22,000 m2 housing block has been built in Chennai with precast structures which can reduce the building cost in times where manpower and building materials are getting pricey - also in India.

COWI India was chosen as advisor on the building project because of their extensive knowledge of precast structures, a service that is still hard to find in India.

Besides the production drawings for the precast structures, COWI India is responsible for the structural design, design of ventilation, plumbing and electrical installations.

Homes for modern families

From the street, the new 22,000 m2 apartment block will look like a red brick, Scandinavian housing block.
The apartments will have air-condition and a number of shared facilities such as a pool area, a party room, workout facilities and a roof terrace - all intended to attract families from India's growing middleclass.

Building techniques

The building is designed with a stilt floor which leaves room for parking and four levels above with apartments.

The substructure system is an in-situ raft foundation and the superstructure up till stilt level consists of in-situ columns with a transfer slab.

Above the transfer floor there are four levels of load bearing precast panel system.

The building is designed for seismic zone III requirements as per Indian standards.


LAST UPDATED: 07.02.2017