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Lighting design sets focus on Funen history at Møntergården in Odense

Photo: Kvorning Design

Light projections from the ceiling dramatically enhance the exhibited elements - as here with a blood red swastika.

​At Odense City Museum, Møntergården, visitors can experience Funen history from antiquity to the present. COWI's lighting design puts the spotlight on the many objects that tell the story of Funen and the natives of Funen through the ages.

​The new museum building at Møntergården houses the exhibition "Funen – at the centre of the universe" where visitors experience to arrive at the island of Funen, immediately they enter the exhibition.

In the beautifully staged room, a fusion of stage design, film, sound and light creates a very special atmosphere and the feeling of being present with the Funen natives through the ages.

The exhibition that is aimed at a young audience uses about 40 video projectors and dramatic lighting to bring to life the exhibition's hundreds of unique items and to communicate the many stories about life as it was lived on the island of Funen from antiquity to the present.

Unconventional exhibition in modern, rugged settings

The building as well as the exhibition is extremely unconventional. Instead of conventional showcases and posters, the exhibition is made up of 40x40 cm cubes and metal plates.

The metal plates in zinc, copper and brass have patinated and signal that they are tempered by time. The cubes act as a kind of building blocks that hang down from the ceiling and also wind in and out on the floor as an abstract landscape in which visitors can move around and explore.

The building materials as well as the workmanship keeps very high standards, which serves to enhance the building's sublime modern architecture that is dominated by the black iron beams that pass through the walls on the outside and the inside, creating a rugged design.

Lighting design and exhibition technique

Kvorning Design is behind the exhibition that will be standing for the next 15 years. COWI's lighting designers have provided advice on the whole process: from technical advice on the entire house to the development of the exhibition including ideation and workshops.

COWI has designed the technology behind the exhibition's many videos and decided among other things, on whether to use one or more video projectors, and advised on the image size and the gray area between art and the final expression.

In addition, COWI has advised on feeding the power to the many videos, and developed a system for mounting the suspension point on the ceiling for hanging objects in space, in a way that also serves architecturally.

press clips

​- In the meeting with COWI's lighting design, the story of a city becomes an experience of a city. (Lys)

- Everything is vivid and dramatically illuminated. The recently set up and specially designed permanent exhibition that is tailored to these spaces, is a cornucopia of objects and media. (Weekendavisen)

LAST UPDATED: 03.02.2017